Repair or Replace ???

My cd/dvd player manufactured in 2005, just quit reading discs.
Would the new Oppo 105 Darbee have sound quality "at least" the equal of an excellent CD player built in 2005?
Better -- infact, probably a good deal better. The 105 is an astonishly good unit at a great price. I currently own the Oppo 103D and like it a lot. However, unless you watch movies fairly frequently AND have a large, hi-resolution video source, the Darbee feature is nice but certainly not a "must have". The 105 offers a lot of flexibility for your system as well.
I use a new 50 inch Panasonic plasma. I'm actually very satisfied with the DVD picture from my Lexicon RT-20; mind you I have "exceptional" power conditioning and the "best" MIT cables for progressive outputs. Still, I'm lucky to be pleased with the picture.Sound quality in plain old "stereo" is what turns my crank.
Beware Esoteric! I had purchased an Esoteric D-05 and P-05 used from an Audiogoner. It was good but just that. The P-05 after several years developed problems with the transport unit and it affected SACDs. Some it refused to play at all. So I called Teac (they have a service center in Los Angeles and I live in San Diego) and I was told that, in order to have them diagnose the problem, I would have to get the unit to them and the charge would be $1,100. You read right!

I immediately ordered an Oppo 105 and had it shipped to Dan Wright at Modwright for his update. Parenthetically, I got an email from Oppo saying that the shipping address matched that of a "known modifier" and that it would void the Oppo Warranty!!! I did not know it was a crime to modify an Oppo!

I eventually received my Oppo from Modwright and am enjoying it right now. If anyone is interested I still have the Esoteric D-05 and the malfuntioning P-05 in my spare room. If you are adept at this sort of thing, you can probably fix that P-05 for between $30 and $50.

So beware Esoteric! They will charge $1,100 just to look at it!

So to answer the question, I replaced!
Hard to believe $1000 "peek"fee! My Lexicon RT-20 started to not read discs. It was because motor was going.I was told this is the common reason discs are not read. I suggest you ask Esoteric how much for a new motor for your unit. How did the sound of the Oppo (standard) compare to the Esoteric?
Jfpmft. There is no manufacturer who will support their warranty once they see the unit has been opened by anyone other than their authorised service centre--not even the good folks (from all posters) at Oppo.
As well, from my above post, I went ahead and fixed my Lexicon as opposed to buying an Oppo 105 Darbee. The reason is the satisfaction I have with CD sound from the Lexicon. Cost me $300 installed for replacement motor.
I purchased the Oppo 105 and had it modified by Modwright. As a result, I get the best sound I ever had from my CD/SACD collection. Best investment I ever made. I know that the Oppo 105 is an overkill since it will read BluRays. I have no need for BluRays in my audio system but the quality is there to start with.
I should say that I also have no need for the 105 Darbee Edition so I did not have to spend the extra $100 or so.
So your modified 105 was better than your Esoteric for CD/SACD-interesting with the huge cost difference. However the Esoteric is old. Is the Oppo "much" better?? As for the $100 for the Darbee; I wouldn't have thought to pass on it for the price difference. We all see things uniquely don't we? Cheers..