Repair or mod CJ PV-12?

The transformer on my Conrad Johnson PV-12 bit the dust. I'm debating whether or not to send it to CJ for repair, or off to get mods and a new transformer. If the mods included a transformer upgrade, that would be a fantastic choice.

Some people here have had good luck with mods, could they provide who did them; from what I've heard they got fantastic results.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
All good points Detredwings, I agree. It is why I decided to go with Bill who completely understands my goals and is going along the lines you described along with a few other things that should enhance performance in the areas I felt lacking without changing the character of the design.

Tubegroover and Detredwings, thanks for the invaluable advice; I would replace the transformer my self if I could find one. CJ won't sell one, and I don't know where else to go.

Since the mod people can probably get a transformer, that could be included with the mod. CJ was not specific enough for me; while their minimum for inspecting the unit wasn't bad, there was no guarantee in regard to repair. There have been complaints (not against CJ) about no follow through after submitting up front money. New scams seem to be contagious and they come in waves.

I'll contact Bill Thalman in Virginia, and we'll keep each other posted on progress; thanks a lot.
There is a really good possibility that something else caused the transformer to go bad. I've heard of PS problems with those units. Anyway, good luck and let us know.
If you are saying they won't sell you a replacement part for a product they make that's unforgivable. That forces you to ship it to them and back plus get ripped off for labor prices.

They can go ahead and gouge on the part price. But replacing a transformer is simpler than most any repair. Assume you are a technician yourself. And you need to send it off?

It's no wonder hardly any dealers sell CJ. I wouldn't give them another dime more than you have to. And upgrading it means you will never get your money back. High end audio manufacturers are making cash grabs anymore.
Some good suggestions above. I would also give George Kaye (of NYAL fame) a call. He did some repair/mods of some NYAL and Counterpoint pieces I used to have and he did a very fine job. As an interesting aside he is a fine (and active) jazz bassist; very interesting guy. Good luck.