Repair of Perreaux......NYC

I have a used Perreaux 3150B power amp that I believe needs some repair (new caps?). Does anyone know of a real good service Tech in the NYC tri state area?
Analogique 10 west 17th Street NYC $$$$$ but good
Sound-Smith near nuke plant $$$$$$ but also good
Audio-classics near Albany more reasonable prices but not near NYC
were you ever able to locate a perraux tech to service your amp? I am seeking one in the NYC area as well
New York Audio repair in Brooklyn. Very reasonable, but limited hours, but fast turnaround, if there is not too much backlog. Drive there.
I have a PMF 3150 in need of repair in St Louis also with missing power supply parts. I can repair it easily if I can obtain a service manual to identify parts needed. Perreaux wants $60.00 check payment direct from Aukland, New Zealand. I can use another amp like yours to identify the parts I needed. I dont need the schmetic to repair your amp. I can repair yours if you can send it to me.I can send ARC amp box if you dont have a shipping box.Two weeks turnaround with 90 days warranty. You'll get the output and distortion spec sheet with the repair. I own and operate a most well equipped HI-Fi repair shop in STL since 1974.
Zaw win at Alpha Audio Labs Inc. 314-645-5250