Repair of Goldmund 18.4 amp

Hi guys,

Lately, i have some  issues with my goldmund 18.4 amp. It needs to be serviced. I sent it to the local techinian but he told me that he needs a symmetric diagram of the circuit to repair.
I bought it from secondary market and it is too costly to send it overseas for repair.

Anyone can help to provide the symmetric diagram and any advice on how to go about it?

I desperately  need help to repair it.

Your great help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

I would try to email the company and ask for service recommendations in this country.
Dear Johto,

Sorry,  i forgot to mention that i stay in malaysia and not in US. I need help as i bought it from secondary market. I can not send back to the  distributer in singapore as i m not the original owner or they will  charge me a high repair price.  Can you help to obtain or share the service manual or symmetric diagram with my techician?

Or can anybody help?

Thank you in advance for the helping hand.

Most companies will not send schematics of the equipment to people that are not authorized repair service centers for the very real reason that in lots of places, other will copy the design, place their own label on it and sell it under another name.

Until this issue goes away, I can really understand the serious reluctance to provide schematics. 

A good service technician can diagnose and repair problems with amps.  Protection circuitry on the other hand is a problem.

You may have to pay the costs of shipping the unit to the factory for repair. it is definitely worth it.


Thank you minorl for the input but it may cost me up to 50% of what i paid for purchase of the amp due to the distance of shipping, tax and currency rate.

Annyone can offer any alternative assistance such as service guide or guidance based on experience?

 i was told that goldmund schematics is more complicated.


Goldmund is a top tier manufacturer. Seek out an authorized technician or service center for best outcome. Perhaps there is a representative in Japan, if this is closer? Keep us posted on your repair/service decision.


Check out the Goldmund website and click on Contact tab.

There is a strong representation in Southeast Asia. With hope, one of these Audio operations can better assist your needs. I am interested in reading more about Goldmund/Thiel combination.


keep us posted on the status of your amp.

give us an update on the amp situation.

I was just reading about the Goldmund Telos 590 integrated amp.
If you enjoy this brand's house sound, you may want to consider the newer offering. Hope you are finding assistance w/ your power amp.

Happy Listening!
Looking forward to your next update after repair/servicing.  Happy Listening!