Repair Magnepan MG IIa vs new 1.7 or 0.7, etc

I purchased these a few months ago.  Tweeters need to be replaced.  I can get the repair kit & do it myself (I heard it's a mess to do) for $50.00 or I can send them to Magnepan to have all the drivers, magnets, Mylar replaced with new for $600-800 plus shipping (approx $170-200).  Or I could buy new.   They are set up in a living room dining room combo (L shaped approx 25x35 feet).  Maybe the 1.7 or 0.7? Or possibly the MMGPlus.  I have an Odyssey Khartago Amp.

Anyone have any advice on this?
Call Bill at Miller Sound in PA.  See what he recommends for you to do.

the 1.7 & 0.7 speakers are far more musical than previous models 

I'd get those
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I sure love my 1.7s. Bought them in Nov. 2013 and they still amaze me every time I play an LP through them.

I've been into audio for 44 years. I've listened to a lot of speakers, some of which I could never afford. The 1.7s give me most of what the most expensive speakers offer, and adding the right powered subs can get them really close to the best.

I use them for every form of music imaginable--choral, large scale symphonic, combo jazz, big band jazz, great vocalists of the Great American Songbook, Beatles, Stones, Doors, Cars, Steely Dan, jazz quartets, female vocalists of all kinds (Norah Joes, Holly Cole, Sarah Mclachlan), Count Basie/Harry James/Buddy Rich/Quincy Jones, etc.

The Mag 1.7s deliver on ALL of those genres and more. With a good pair of subs, doubly so.

If you are able to do the repairs yourself then Order the $50 repair kit & do it leisurely and over time... with the money saved buy one of the newest versions,you'll end up with two speakers...
you'd perhaps not get your money back if you do the factory repairs.
for the size of your room go for 1.7i & up.
Good luck

If it were me, I'd either repair them myself or get a pair of used 1.7s. Good to know the repair kit is that reasonably priced.
Repairing the old is money well spent, but before you go buying a pair of new (or even used) 1.7's, do yourself a favor and try to hear the Eminent Technology LFT-8b first.
bdp24, they look like great speakers and potentially a good value but also appear to require high powered amplifier to handle the 83dB rating. A 75wpc minimum requirement by the manufacturer is even higher than why Magnepan states in their literature. Do you agree?

You would think so kalali, but for some reason they need less power than Maggies. They are a nominal 8 ohm load (the m-p panels themselves 11-12 ohms), which would also lead one to think they would need a higher-current solid state amp, which put out more at the Maggies 4 ohms. But the LFT-8b actually likes tubes, especially if you bi-amp them---tubes on top, solid state on the 8" dynamic woofer. A hundred watter of each is enough for an average room.

Maggies can use as much power as you throw at them; I know a guy (Satie) over at the Planar Speaker Asylum who has a 2500w/ch Crown amp on the bass panels of his Magneplanar Tympani T-IV’s! Magnepan’s 75w figure is absurdly low---ask any Maggie owner. Sure, they’ll make sound, but they don’t really "come to life" until you pump considerable juice into them, and get the volume up enough to break through the "Maggie haze"---the somewhat opaque, veiled sound they have at low levels. The ET LFT-8’s play quiet better than Maggies, remaining transparent at even low volume, more like an electrostatic than a magnetic-planar.

The 1.7, though cheap to buy, is not as good a deal as they seem to be after you count in the cost of the amp necessary to maximize their potential. An owner of the over-twice-as-expensive MG3.7 can justify spending the money to get a Sanders Magtech amp, but can a 1.7 owner?

I lived next door to a  EE Prof at Wisconsin who had Maggies.
He told me 600 watts @4ohms was about right ,I thought he was nuts .
He played a few symphonies for me on his modded Hafler 500 which he said did about that .
He was right .