Repair,Logan's woofers?

Hi I have a pair of martin Logan's Aerius with a blown woofer,cannot afford to have the dealer repair it so I want to do it by myself. Does it come off from the front? if so how do i remove the rails? Any advice is really appreciated,Thanks Nick
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The rails are a bit tough to remove, as you have to gently tap them from one end and push them off. I think to get to the woofer bolts you have to go in from the back. The transformer and electronics for the Mylar are bolted to the inside back panel (it is fairly heavy, so use care). The woofer is custom on the i version, but I seem to remember ML using a stock one for the earlier version. Good luck.
You lay the speaker down flat with the electrostatic element facing up. Now take a piece of wood and a hammer and tap on the bottom if the wood rails. after you tap them up about an inch or so the rail will come off. You can then see how they are attached. Do the same to the other side. After the rails are off the metal cover over the woofer can be taken off. once this is off,you just remove the woofer from the front of the enclosure.