Repair issue with Pioneer SX-1280 - Any help?

First of all, I don't know if I should be here or another section of the forum. Please let me know if this is better suited for some other category.

I recently purchased a Pioneer SX-1280 receiver that I am attempting to refurbish. The work on the amp/preamp went fine, but we found the tuner IC (part #PA 1002) on the tuner circuit board to be bad and in need of replacement. My repair guy tells me this is not available through any of his sources new. My question is two-fold:

One - does anyone know if this was a common part to any other Pioneer SX receivers (we checked a SX-850 without luck)so that I can search these models for a parts unit or someone parting out one.

Two - does anyone out here have a non-working unit that they wish to part out.

Thanks for your advise.
Hi. If you already haven't, You should post at have a Pioneer forum. Good luck
Found this on AK

You're not the first one to ask for these extremely rare IC's. PA1001A is a bit easier to find, but the PA1002A.........forget it!. I heard the PA1002 will work but you'll lose the 'Muting' function. These were special IC's made by only Pioneer. Best chance is to find a junk 1080, 1280, 1980, TX-9500II, or a TX9800.