Repair in NJ/NY for Snell E-III ?

The foam surrounds on one of my beloved Snell E-III bit the dust. I've ordered replacement drivers from Snell which will include replacement capacitors and chokes along with installation instructions.Any info as to where I might get the work done in New Jersey or New York by a qualified tech. According to Mark at Snell, it's not a difficult job. Thanks

I have Snell CIVs and had to replace a blown tweeter and a blown woofer, and it was quite easy to do, no need for a tech to do this. The instructions with the drivers are esy to follow, and all you need is a soldering iron and a steady hand. Also needed to replace some of the crossover, but was easy easy easy.

I am in NJ if you want some help doing this.
Call Bill Legall at Millersound, in Southeastern Pennsylvania. He is by far the best person in this field, and his prices are astoundingly reasonable. (215) 412-7700.
Thanks for the feedback. Still waiting for the drivers from Snell. Hopefully it won't be a problem.