Repair help needed

Hello all,
I have a Mitch Cotter turntable that is based upon a Denon DP6000. Something on one of the boards fried and it's non-functional. I've decided, since it is a piece of audio history, to try to get it repaired.

Obviously, the shop undertaking this repair has to know DD tables inside out. So I'm throwing it out there to you all.

Within the lower 48, are any of you aware of a qualified ( or maybe qualified, I'll contact them ) shop where the repair can be attempted.

As always, thanks in advance for any help.
Cheers,         Crazy Bill
there are at least 9 for sale on hifishark, right now, so it maybe best to try your hand at buying a used one that works, and keeping the leftovers as repair components.

the service manual is right here:

and is easily obtained within a few minutes, by registering with the vinyl engine website. Who have a record of not abusing the given limited personal info that one may use to register.
Hello Teo,
Thanks for your input.
The Cotter is based upon the DP6000, but Mitch modified many things in the electronics, in addition, of course, to the physical changes. Prior to it dying it was exactly my plan to buy a spare to keep as a back-up for parts. If it was just a stock DP6000, I would have done just that and mounted it to the Cotter base myself. But the mods that were made ( of which there is no record that I'm aware of ), put it out of my technical reach to assess ( I'm a PTP tube guy ). the inside of this thing looks like spaghetti to me. So the guy working on it will have to know his stuff.
I'm been on the Vinyl Engine site for quite a while, and already have a copy of the service manual in house. Great resource.

That said, I was perusing the vintage DD thread this afternoon, and the name Bill Thalman came up. We spoke this afternoon, and the Cotter will be headed his way soon. I have high hopes.

Thanks again,                           Crazy Bill