Repair for Teres Motor?

The motor for my Teres TT needs to be repaired. It does not start from a push. When you use the pushbutton on switch it does not lock onto the correct speed; running fast w red light on. I sent an email to chris using the address on the Teres web site but no response to far. Any ideas on reaching him or finding someone else who can repair it?
How long have you been waiting for a reply? Lots of manufacturers, big and small, get backed up with customer service around audio shows (RMAF).
Just wanted to mention that the attentive service and answers I've gotten from Chris through the years are outstanding and first class, as is the Teres products in my experience - and when I can afford it (if ever), I will buy one of the new Teres TT's. I hope all is well in the Teres camp and that it's just a matter of time until he replies as JMC suggests.
Yes, RMAF backlog could be the case. Just wondering if there are any other options or if the email on the Teres website is still valid.
Don't know if it is still good but there's also a phone number on the site. In the past Chris could sometimes take time to respond based on his business travel. But he always did.
Thx, Jtimothya. I'll try to be patient.