Repair for Tandberg Troll?

I have a Tandberg Troll integrated amp whose input selector and volume attenuator both need repair. Electronically, it is fine. As Tandberg is long gone, I cannot find a facility. Someone recommended an outfit called Sounddesign, which did Tandberg warranty service for many years, but owner refused to take my Troll.

Office system -- Troll, KLH 18 FM tuner, PC's CD drive, Optimus Lineum 4 speakers -- is consequently out of commission. Please help me to get some work done while abolishing the boredom!
I'm familiar w/the Troll, but not sure about a fix for it. I had a Thorens power amp (very rare-same problem-distributor changed and no one had service info. on it) from the 90's that a place in Las Vegas was able to fix. It might be worth calling them. The place is called Audio Expert and their tel. is 702-873-3088. Good luck,
Scott in TX
Doug Seigel at Audio Specialties, Portland, OR is very decent. 503 257 3206. Call and ask, very competent as he also runs a used only store so has seen about everything.
Have you tried Contact cleaner (from Radio Shack)? It might fix your problems.