Repair for Sonic Frontier Line 1, 2 or 3 remote?

I'm looking for the round remote for a Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2 or 3 preamplifier. Mine has gone to heaven. Damaged case is OK as it's the innards on mine that have quit. I just need a working circuit board.

Any hints on repair parts availability are welcome as well. Is there a programmable remote that will work with the Sonic Frontier preamps? Parts Connexion couldn't help me and Anthem Tech Support never responded to my emails.

Thanks in advance.
It can be repaired. These folks repaired a Sony for me inexpensively.
ultra-rare on used market. I have been to the Sonic (Anthem) factory here in Ontario, and they have SOME spare parts for the insides, but none available as a whole...
Check remotes dot com. There was one on a canadian web site for sale at $125; but, I believe it was sold. Do a Google and it should show up.
>Anthem Tech Support never responded to my emails.

My experience too...not so good.
Contact Chis Johnson at Parts Connexion.