Repair for n Art Audio Jota in Los Angeles?

About a month ago, one of the two Mullard GZ37 rectifiers in my beloved Art Audio Jota started glowing bright red and emitting awful sounds. I shut the rig off and ordered a replacement tube. That worked fine — for about three weeks. Last night: same awful sonics and heat and bright red glow. I’m assuming that there is something other than the tube itself awry here.
Might anyone recommend a good, honest, well-organized repair shop in Los Angeles? Grateful for your wisdom and guidance.
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Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, just east of Pasadena on I-10.
Sorry to hear of your issue. I am going through something similar with one of my tube mono blocks right now. I don’t live in LA, but I believe that George Meyer in the LA area, or Brooks Berdan, as suggested above are well respected repair shops. Probably going to be using their services myself.
Tube amps...they sound great, but boy are they a real PITA when it comes to the number of failures that can occur...and their overall reliability and robustness.
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sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Jota.  We don’t have an approved service center in LA, I do have one in San Jose.  It is Scott Frankland Associates.  Happy to provide you a phone number and e-mail address. That being said, I understand completely if you don’t want to ship your amp.  
If you find someone in LA you are comfortable with, we will be happy to work with them either to provide parts or if they have questions.  Let me know how I can help

Wow, thank you, Verdant Audio!  I'd rather get this done locally than pack and ship the amp, as I'm sure you understand.  But it's great to know that if the tech runs into questions they can reach out to you.  Truly useful.
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Though outside your geography, you might also check out Bob Backert of Backert Labs. He has hot-rodded several Jotas owned by club members of the Philadelphia Area Audio Group.