Repair B & O 1800 or replace

I have a Bang & Olufsen model 1800 turntable. It has some problems starting and cueing. It has an MC cartridge from Soundmsith. I just bought a Peachtree Decco 65. I will need to buy a phono pre-amp, and am questioning what would be better, to fix the B & O or buy a new turntable. What do you experts think and what is the best entry level audiophile turntable under $500? and also a good phono pre-amp?
Go for a Denon 47F, used, that you can pick up. Cost should be around $250-300, leaving room for a new cartridge. Vintage turntables, like the 1800, are not repairable in a cost effective way. Best sell it off for parts. The Soundsmith cartridge will most likely fetch about $200.