repair a carver tfm15cb

who can repair this,it hums like ground loop or a transformer hum thru speakers when no source is hooked up
The last time i needed a Carver piece repaired i contacted Sunfire to get some parts. I do not think Sunfire is doing repairs any more but should be able to give you some info on who could.
There is also another site that has info on repairs.
As for the ground loop hum you may be right. I have had two Carver amps that the input jacks came loose from the pc board if you use tight RCA's or if you wiggle them to get the RCAs off.

Good Luck
is the cable tv box anywhere near the amp?
These guys should be able to help you. HI-TECH AUDIO 503-618-7605. This was the contact info i found on the Sunfire site.