Reon & Realta, does anything else compare?

A couple of years ago I bought the flagship Toshiba HD-dvd player with the Reon chip. I was very impressed by its HD picture and how good the upconverted standard dvd picture was. HD-dvd bit the dust and Blu-Ray became the ony hd choice. I bought the flagship Marantz Blu-Ray player with the new Realta chip and it was even markedly better than the player with the Reon chip.....and the Reon chip is outstanding.

What kind of chip does the new highly touted Oppo have? What are the other high-end Blu-Ray players touting for superior picture quality?
Yes, the Anchor Bay VRS video processor in the Oppo test just as well as the HQV Reon. The latest Panasonic BR players also test very well. This is based on the Home Theater magazine testing.

My limited understanding is that what the Reon does for SD material, the Realta does for HD material.