REO fans

I'm trying to identify the specific live '79 show which 2 tracks (157 Riverside ave, Ridin' the Storm out) were included on the Decade of Rock 2 Lp comp. Also, the best sounding Lp/CD of 'Tuna Fish' and live "You get what you play for." Happy Holidays!
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Also, any fans of Nine lives, the Lp before Hi-infidelity that tanked? If you enjoy harder, earlier REO sounding this kicks major..well, you know. Gary is on fire!/RIP GR!
I'm a huge REO fan.  I really like the early stuff better.  "REO One" & "REO Two" are a couple of my favorite albums along with "Ridin' the Storm Out."

I did some research on your "LIVE" songs question, but didn't find any info...sorry.
Thanks mofi! People forget how good of a live band REO was early on. Evidently, there is a dsd remaster of "Tuna" from Japan. Anybody have it?
Totally agree, REO 1 and 2 are the ones to have. That raw, garage band sound before they smoothed out a bit after their later success. Never saw them perform unfortunately.
OP, sorry if this is obvious but, this wiki says:

Live: You Get What You Play For is a live album by rock band REO Speedwagon, released as a double-LP in 1977 (and years later as a single CD). It was recorded at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, the Market Square Arena [1]in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kiel Auditorium in Saint Louis, Missouri and Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

The attribute is: Oral verification from Kevin Cronin 2015-08-15 Anderson, Indiana

Are you saying you're trying to figure out only where those two tracks were originally recorded live? Maybe reach out to the producer and engineers listed there?
Dang! While looking at your thread, I just found out Gary Richrath passed in September. I missed that somehow. I grew up on Live: You Get What You Play For and Gary's live playing. He's the reason my first guitar was a Les Paul. I absolutely loved his playing. R.I.P.
Evidently the orig CD "You get what you play for " is abbreviated, with 2 missing tracks. The import dsd remaster fixes this but have not heard it.
I own an early "Ridin' The Storm Out" (1A/!A) that sounds very good.

I always loved "Golden Country" REO "Two".

I have the first REO album.  And Ridin' the Storm Out.  Just listened to the first album a few days ago.

Lost interest in them when they went the glitter / glamour route.

Was always a fan. Loved flying Turkey Trot when I was a kid.