Renting Cables???


Since I am new in this stereo system industry. I would like to know if there are places that rent cables so that I can try first which cables that go well with my system. In the photography industry, there are stores that rent equipments so that people can buy with confidence. Audio equipments are considerably more expensive than those of photography.
Yes, but please keep in mind that The Cable Company( will let you "rent" cables after giving them the full purchase price for that praticular cable.
If you don't like that praticular cable, they keep your money as credit.
In other words, if you audition $700 worth of speaker cable and it's not to your liking, that $700 is banked as credit and is non refundable.
Audio Advisor has a 30 day return policy.
The Cable Co. only charges you 10% of the cost of the cable.
That money is then deducted from your purchase, if you choose to buy. They also keep records of how cables perform in clients systems. They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
Highly recommended.
Setiawansr, while I was in the process of selecting cables for my system, I tried many... a great many. I found that buying on Audiogon and then re-selling the cables that didn't work in my system was the most cost effective choice. I rarely if ever lost money on a cable - most of the time it was the shipping cost that put it over the top or the $2.00 fee to re-sell on Audiogon. Hell... sometimes you can even MAKE money on a transaction.

While The Cable Company ( does allow people to "rent" cables, their prices are generally higher than Audiogon prices and you still have to pay for shipping.

Audiogon is really the ultimate resource for buying/trying cables in every price range. The vast selection here on Audiogon BLOWS away the inventory at any audio dealer - anywhere! The personal "feedback" system on Audiogon helps to ensure you are working with honest people - it works and its very effective.

You will find that many of the Audiogon sellers are doing the exact thing you'll be doing - trying to find the right cables for a system.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!
I've found several local dealers that will allow me to audition cables. One store's policy is to sell them to you, but allow 14 days for return with full cash refund. They understood that I would be auditioning them, so I didn't have to lie about my intentions or feel guilty about returning them. Two other stores have simply signed them out to me free of charge. It always helps to develop a good relationship with a particular salesperson. The results are two-way trust. He trusts me with his gear, and I trust his opinions. Good luck!

Jim Dombrowski
I agree with buying used on AudiogoN and reselling the ones that won't work out. That is what I do basically.
I have never met a dealer that would not let a customer audition cables before buying. Check out your local dealers, they can probably give you some compatability advice as well.
actually Bob Cohen at Cable Co's. fees are 10% for the first time, then 5% after that. You pay shipping both ways. They're an alright outfit & can provide reasonable suggestions, but they typically try to point you toward the cheapest alternatives first, which I found were not usually the optimum solution for me. Worthwhile though, & some of their suggestions turned out to be pretty good.
Regarding my above post re: The Cable Co.
That was my experience with them a few years ago.
They were indeed very helpful.
I guess their policy has changed.
Sorry for the misinformation.
Jdombrow & Banksfriend, The trouble with using ANY dealer is that they have a limited supply of cables and from limited manufacturers.

Dealers tend to get teary eyed when you try too many cables or decide that no cable they represent will work for you - at any price. I have a big heart and don't want to hurt the dealers feelings or waste their time....that's why I take it upon myself to buy & re-sell cables (if necessary) on Audiogon.

Even The Cable Company has a limited supply of cables to audition. 5%, 10% or whatever they charge... its still money out of your pocket - not to mention shipping BOTH WAYS. Any percent charge adds up... what if you try 10 cables... 20 cables... Then you've paid for the cables and you haven't even decided what ones you like!

Fact is, there really is NO better resource for cable auditioning than Audiogon.
Not to come to Fatwyre's defense here but all rental fees are held "on account" and are applicable to any purchase that you may make there, cables accessories or whetever. So it's not just money down the drain. Just forgot to mention that.