Renaissance 2 way

A recent column in Sterephile hinted at the great sound and value of the Renaissance MPL-403.5, a 3 way acoustic suspension stand mounted speaker. It's a bit above my price range at $1100, but they also make the same sspeaker without the mid range driver, the MLP-201.2, for $650. Anyone heard these speakers? I'm also considering PSB's Image B25. Would the Renaissance be too hard to drive for my Linn Classik (75 watts @ 4 Ohms)?
Based on the Stereophile's short view, I ordered a pair of Renaissance MPL-403.5. A big disaster! Speakers arrived damaged. Extremely poor packaging and quality control do not justify their asking MSRP. The sound of speakers was just below average. Morel's return policy was a nightmare as well. Took almost 3 months to get a credit from Morel.

It was my error in part to purchase the speakers for blindly trusting Stereophile's mundane review. For $1090.00, there are infinite options to choose from. Just avoid Renaissance audio products. Also Morel drivers have some quality control issues as well. My speaker came with a tweeter with detached tweeter magnet.
I have not heard the MPL-403.5, but I do own the Renaissance Duet's which is their top home speaker. A two way- time aligned, transmission line speaker which is absolutely superb. The imaging and musicality are excellent. I have owned Magnepan 1.6's and Totem Hawks and the Duet's are better than both of them. They draw you into the music and the soundstage is fantastic. Morel drivers are used in top speakers such as Merlin and Eggleston Andria