remyo 777 does not play certain cd-r

I have now encountered different red book cds that the remyo -777 just refuses to play one example are home recorded cd-r and the other is OEHMS brand a complete collection of haydn piano sonatas.These cds play perfectly on my meridian 800 and the accuphase dp-85.This does not make any sense ,any ideas.
I have never found a CD-R or CD that my Reimyo CDP-777 could not play. Perhaps there is a problem with the drive. I would contact the American distributor, May Audio for help.

I have a CDP-777 and am a Reimyo dealer. Although I haven't tried a lot of different CD-Rs my experience matches Steve's, no problem with any of them.
Ramy have you taken note of the brand of cdr that you tried? The issue may be tied more to the cdr than to the player.
The brand of cdr is memmorex,and did any one had experience with OEHMS haydn piano sonatas.I have played hundreds of different CD on this player with many different labels with never any problem.I will try different brand CDR.
thank you for the responses.
I have also not had any problems playing all CDs with my Reimyo. I agree with giving May Audio a call. They are very responsive and helpful.