Removing Zone on a DVD Player

hey all! I was wondering if it was possible to remove the zone on the sony DVD7700 player. If some of you could help me that will be more than fabulous. Thanks a lot for your help
This could be an interesting thread. Don't know about your specific model, but "chipping" DVD players in the UK to play all disks is a cottage industry in itself. Most dealers will charge about 50-100 GBP which is probably a huge rip off. Some say this voids the warrantee, others claim that no one would ever know if your unit was sent in for service. Even more interesting, it seems that some manufacturers felt that the various DVD regions were in the best interest of the DVD companies, but NOT in the best interest in the hardward companies. Therefore, at least one player was easily "modified" -- merely by entering a secret numeric sequence into the remote control!!! This was a particularly high margin "modification" for one dealer who also charged about 80 GPB. Maybe other members know more about this. In any case, however, it seems to me that most titles are in the region 1, US catalogue so I don't know if de restricting your player is such a big deal.
Cw is correct many budget players come with remote ready hacks in the UK to make zone free. Sony players have always required to be chipped to allow this-as far as I'm aware. The reason this is so popular in the UK is that American discs are cheaper and quite often out a lot earlier (this is not as common as at first.) Also the censorship laws are different with many UK movies having slight cuts that America doesn't-this quite often throws out audio commentaries-The Matrix being a famous case.