Removing phono board from PrimaLuna Three

I've been meaning to do this for a while now and need some guidance from someone who has done this. First this a hard procedure? I hear it's relatively simple but I just want to make sure before I give it a whack. I've purchased an outboard phono pre and would like to convert that phono in back into a regular line in. The PrimaLuna phono board sounded GREAT for only a little extra chunk of change when I bought it but I prefer the Bellari VP129 that I purchased.
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I did this in my PL2. Its simple but does require steady hands. Download the instructions off the Primaluna website. It tells you how to install so just follow it backwards.

So you think the Bellari sounds better than the phono card? I was impressed with the card in my PL2 but wanted to go with tubes. No hum witht he Bellari?
No hum at all with the Bellari but not quite as much output as the stock board. It sounds better to my ears. It's just a cheapie but so am I.
Please forgive my ignorance here. Why do you need to take the phono board out? Doesn't it have three other inputs? Why can't you just plug the Bellari into one of them?
I had to take mine out b/c with a tuner, CDP and ipod connector i needed the input.
Exactly Grinnell. I need to free up the other input. I wanna start using this Scott tuner I have.