Removing odor from LP jackets, liners, etc

Okay, this part you've heard before: A guy is interested in getting back into vinyl after many years when he comes across his old albums, stored out of sight, out of mind for a couple of decades.
This part might be new: The records, about 120 in all, had been stored in a large truckbed tool bin. The other half of the bin is where I stored the gasoline can, the bottle of solvents, jug of muriatic get the idea.
A lot of '70's and '80's rock and pop, about a third classical. All of the jackets and liners have acquired an aroma very similar to an old Ford dealership garage I worked in, where the Saf-T-Kleen solvent parts washer was.
I have record cleaners, enzymes, brushes and a steamer on order, but that is only for the vinyl, of course. Any ideas for what I can do to diminish/ remove/ minimize the smell in the jackets?
I recognize that the best answer might be "bonfire", but there are quite a few pieces I'd like to listen to again. Not planning to sell any of these, but would like to be able to store them in the house near the rig.
Try placing a jacket in a deep freezer for a few days or longer.
I've read of this method, but not tried it myself. Get yourself a big plastic tub with a lid and pour a layer of either deodorizing cat litter, baking soda, or a mixture of both on the bottom. Now devise some sort of suspension rack above the deodorizer. Something like a drip pan from a roasting pan perched on cut pieces of 2x4 would work. Then make alternating layers of album covers with air spaces between them. Something like dominos would work great to make the air spacing for circulation. Stack 'em as high as the container allows and cover for several days. Theoretically, you'll enjoy freshly deodorized cardboard jackets after all this hassle.
Remove the old jackets and buy new ones.
This is an easy fix since you only have 125 Lps. I have over 1200 and I always throw away a used jacket. If I buy a collection of used LPs, there is that nasty, musty odor. But once the old jackets are removed, the odor goes with them.
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I prefer the 4 mils.
How bout getting a bunch of replacement liners and maybe just hanging the jackets out on the clothesline on a nice breezy day and let them air out? Would make a bizarre spectacle for the neighbors to enjoy too. One clothespin to hold the jacket open and the other to suspend it. Cat litter has dusty grit and other particulate odor absorbers might get inside the jackets and make their way to the record surfaces. Then again they are paper which absorbs odor into the fibres so anything you do might be very time consuming.
I still think the freezer and an open box of baking soda might work. It's easy to try if you have a freezer and a box of soda and a stinky record jacket.
Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I've bought a tub, unscented cat litter and baking soda. As soon as I receive my order of new record liners, I'll start treating the jackets for the odor. I'll post the results.
Incidentally, I received the cheapo Walgreen's steam cleaner yesterday and, just so you all know, it is ASTOUNDING how well it cleaned up the one album I've tried it on ( AJA - Steely Dan, purchased new when it was released) Still a few crackles, but at a much lower level; I was able to appreciate what people say about both vinyl audio magic, and the layers of detail Steely D put on their albums.
Anyway, thanks again, all.
Dryer sheets in outer sleeve along with replacement of inner will give good results.
Get a ozonater/ionizer! Also good for static electricity and many other household uses.
Leadfeathers :
Its good to know that steam cleaning works for you. Be mindful that in somecases a second steam is helpful. Soon I will be experimenting with different species of harmless bacteria to assist in removing even more grime from LPs.

I may be mistaken but a goog "airing out" of your Lps in fresh air may reduce the the smell(7-10 days). Please do replace the inner-sleves. All the best.