Removing light scratch from brushed aluminium ?

Is there a good way to remove light scratches from brushed aluminium or brushed SS ?
Leave it alone and live with the shame....No serious if its not hurting your eyes or concious,fine steel wool?
Anodized finishes are very hard even though the aluminum underneath is soft. Often even a tool will leave what appear to be scratches, but are in reality a small amount of metal that came off the tool rather than an actual scratch.

If this is the case, Scotchbright, which is a scubby pad made by 3M, is handy for removing the material caught in the grooves of the finish. Treat the pad with a little water and rub it gently on the finish *in the direction of the grain*. If not a real scratch, it will come right out. BTW rubbing too hard will take of the finish, so be careful. Good Luck!
usually trying to get rid of it will make it WORSE!!
Atmasphere's suggestion sounds good. But anything stronger... forget it!
Leave it! I tried the fine steel wool route and it left an ugly shine behind which stood out even more than the scratch!
As Elizabeth stated there is no way to eliminate scratches.
If it is a faceplate you will have to order a new one.
DO NOT use steel wool! You'll make a mess as material will get caught in the grooves. Of course, if the scratch got below the surface of the anodizing, then replacement might be easier.
McIntosh has this problem licked!
Hey Eldarford, the uniqueness of Mcintosh is that it's faceplate design is open to different types of problems. You do know that glass also scratches and those pretty blue lights burn out. I have seen some MAC classifieds on Audiogon where the seller listing rates it 9/10 only because the faceplate has some very minor pitting. Maybe they just didn't take care of their equipment or maybe it is an inherent characteristic.