Removing grill, accessing xover on Snell Type A?

The woofers in my Snell Type As are out being re-foamed and I'd like to take the opportunity to put better caps in the crossovers if needed and to check the solder joints on the drivers (the woofer connections were barely held on).

Can someone tell me how to remove the grill assembly on the Type A? I could probably screw around and figure it out but I might leave some gouges :-)

Also, how do you access the main crossover? It appears that there's a bottom plate that has four screws going through it, but I can't tell if they are holding the plate onto something or if they're holding something inside onto the plate - I'd hate to take them out and have the midrange assembly fall out :-)

I recently sold a pair of A llls and I had removed the grilles to replace the cloth a while back. I had directions from Snell and while it's not too simple of process, it can be done. My suggestion is to contact Snell diectly and ask that they fax a copy of the process to you. All the explaining over the next will not probably result in a satisfactory result. It's really a pain in the ass and you have to be very careful not to scratch or dent the surrounding cabinet surfaces. The frames are quite fragile and can break very easily if you're not careful. The biggest trick is to get them back on correctly after you're finished without leaving gaps around the adjoining surfaces. Good luck! ...Skip
Hi Skip:

Thanks for the tip. I called Mark at Snell and he was glad to send me the two faxes you mention (how to remove it and how to put it back on). I'm glad I asked, I would have NEVER figured that one out, and probably would have wrecked something getting it apart.