Removing DC on Cable TV Ground B/W?

What have you used to remove or isolate the DC voltage..and other junk that seems to be on the ground of cable TV feeds?
Whatjd- Try an in-line transformer. They usually go by the names of "Ground Breakers" or "Hum Eliminators". You should be able to find them for less than $20 at any a/v store that specializes in home installations. There are better built units at audio/videophile prices, but try this first to ensure that this solves your problem. Good luck.
MAGIC(Mondial Antenna Ground Isolation Circuit)black box

Works great.regards
As JCBTubes noted, try getting an inexpensive groundbreaker before spending a lot of money on the "MAGIC" unit or MIT's IsoLinQ Groundbreaker unit. Radio Shack carries a groundbreaker that's decent -- I'd start there.