Remove paint from Rega tonearm?

Just trying to get a consensus from people if modding my RB301 tonearm by removing the paint yields any worthwhile benefits?
Some people claim the arm is overdamped because of the paint, while others claim removing paint actually increases vibration through the arm, hence making things worse.

Anyone successfully done this?


A quote fromAudio Mods might help:

"Unless you intend to carry out other mods to the arm tube, removing the paint will make it sound far worse than standard.
There is no sonic advantage in polishing the arm tube. It just looks nice."

Seeing what Jeff does to Rega arms I'd suggest he knows what he is talking about - it certainly put me off!
Willbewill, thanks for sharing the Audio Mod link. This is the most comprehensive info I've ever seen on RB250/300 mods. Very interesting stuff. Does anyone have first-hand experience with Jeff's mods?
I had no idea anyone had carried Rega mods so far. Thanks for the link!
10-16-08: Lloydc
I had no idea anyone had carried Rega mods so far.
I haven't either. It's impressive what Jeff has figured out. The thing that interests me the most is the bearing upgrade. This has always been the weakest link and the biggest criticism of the RB250/300. The VTA adjustment and anti-skate upgrades look interesting. His pricing isn't entirely clear. I'm going to contact him and get more info. -Mark