Remove 20 A inlet on Shunyata Hydra 2?

I have a Hydra 4, but all outlets are in use and I need one more outlet. So, I'm trying to figure out whether to sell the Hyrda 4 and buy a Hydra 6 or 8, or just buy a Hydra 2. Budget is tight, and I don't want to spring for a 20A cable for a Hydra 2, particularly since it will be used to clean up power for low power components (a headphone amp and maybe a tuner). I have a good quality 15A cord, so the question is can the 20A inlet be removed from the Hydra 2 and the unit then be used with the 15 A cord? In the Hydra specs, the 20A inlet is described as "removable", but, when removed, does it then become a regular 15 A connection?

Why not just add a cheap no thrills 4 power outlet to your Hydra 4?

Lots of those DIY and small manufacturers make them for about $100. You will get at least 3 more extra outlets