Removal of plug/wall outlet - hard connection ?

Have anyone removed the plug and wall receptacle altogether and hard wired the end of the PC to the Romex coming out of the outlet box ?
I am thinking of doing this with my power amps only.
I am aware of the electrical codes regarding this set up, but if it is properly done safety will not be an issue.
Is there any sonic improvements ?
I have removed my WBT banannas and speakers bananna sockets and hardwired the bare wires together and it does create an improvement in the area of low level information.
Thank you.
Anything that removes an interface such as a connection should be an improvement.

You said that you are "aware of the electrical codes regarding this set up". Does this mean that you are aware that you have to comply with code, or does it mean that you have actually checked that it can legally be done. I am not aware that this can be legally done.

And even if it is legal, unless the manufacturer of the component says their equipment can be modded in this way, your insurance won't pay if the equipment is damaged, your house burns down or somebody is otherwise hurt.

There have been other posts on this in the past. Have a search through the archives.
Insurance would be void if there was a fire?
Keep it safe and spend the $40 for Hubble hospital grade and see if that helps. Much safer too.
Yah ! I Have to agree about trying to ever file an insurance claim..Doesn't matter what happens ,its an escape route for the Insurance company..It your dice.Rollem if you wish.........
I don't think it is wise. My Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CDP had a cheap little 2 wire cord. I replaced it with a better cable (and will upgrade it again soon) which is hard wired to the power block inside the unit, and then goes to a nice plug and nice outlet. I unplug my electronics during electrical storms and when I am out of town. I worry less. You will not have this option.
Terryakhan, I've done something similar about 6 or 7 years ago where I had excess slack in my dedicated lines and I connected an aftermarket IEC connector on the end of the Romex in order to plug the Romex straight into the back of the amp.

Before and after this tweak I was using excellent power conditioning and so even though the tweak might normally provide greater benefit, in this case it was a downgrade in performance simply because there is no substitution for proper line conditioning.

And though there may well have been some recognizable gains had I not been using excellent line conditioning I would have to imagine there are other areas of AC modifications that will bring far greater benefits including proper line conditioning, aftermarket plugs and IEC connectors, and cryo-treating plugs, Romex, cables, IEC connectors, ics, and scs, etc., and still remain within code so as not to void potential insurance claims. Double-cryo-treating is even better.

amps are not designed to be hardwired, no more than a veg-o-matic.
Thank you for your kind responses. I found the answer out for myself this weekend.
Sonics have more than improved, low level information is louder and clearer, bass notes have gained another octave, normal level setting on my preamp is about 75 now I have turned it down to 65. This improvement is greater than that the ones generated at my speakers plug ins removal.
The PCs are hardwired at the plug in end only, directly to the Romex feeding the outlet box in the wall, inother words both the Oyaide male AC plug 079 and Oyaide SWO-GXX wall outlet been removed, on all four of my amps.
The amps are still feed via the PCs but without being plugged in, but hardwired instead.
The 4 amps are still plugged in with the IEC at the end of the PCs. This type of connection can be also eliminated by the removal of both the IEC plug and socket, but this means entering the amp.
I have conducted this test only because of what I discovered after removing my speakers WBT plug and sockets.
And I am convinced that plug in devices do create some losses I have never thought could make so much differences.

Thx Terry
Terry, there's no doubt that what you are doing with the electrical can be sonically beneficial.

However, these specific improvements cannot exceed the performance of proper line conditioning and your dedicated lines are not cleansing the dirty AC coming in from the street.

Moreover, it appears you are altering your components and/or speakers to the point where few people would ever purchase them should you ever put them up for sale (assuming you disclose these alterations in the ads).

In other words, I would like to caution you that there are greater gains to be had than those that may permanently alter your components/speakers.

But I also commend your experimental qualities as you are realizing there is much to be gained from altering/improving the AC.

In fact, since you've gone this far, I would suggest removing the power cables altogether and just load the romex to the IEC connectors going into the components. And then if you're really up to it, contact Cryo-Nebraska and ask them to purchase some 12 gauge Romex solid core at their local hardware store and then double-cryo-treat and ship to you for installation. Not to mention obtaining double-cryo-treated IEC connectors.

Thank you. I am truly convinced that the poorest connection in my entire stereo system is PC plug/receptacle connection.
I know by removing plug/duplex does not clean/condition the 120VAC 60HZ, but makes an airtight solid connection.

Hard wiring the Romex directly to the amp results in the poorest sound quality, the PC must be in the circuit which generates the best sound quality.

It is not possible to redo my dedicated lines with the materials you suggest.

Yes, I agree about the safety/code aspects, but I have found another way to acheive a connection that is extremely close to hard wiring.
I have made up a device that secures 2 pcs of the 079 Oyaide 15 amps plugs together, hardwired both to my PC and plugs into both outlets on the Oyaide GX duplex. The dual plugs are vertically supported and secured by a pc of wood going down to the floor and strapped horizontal to minimize movements.
This have doubled surface area electrical connections and sounds very close to the hardwired version.
The front end componets generate a lesser degree of improvements than the power amps.

thx Terry
"bass notes have gained another octave"

I agree that removing physical connections for hardwired/soldered ones can improve things, but at least keep your stated improvements factual.
Bass notes can't gain another octave unless they're played another octave down originally, or by slowing the audio source down a full octave. Get a music dictionary.
Carl109, generally when somebody mentions something like bass notes have gained another full octave, some-to-many of us assume that what they are describing is existing and unchanged bass notes already embedded in the medium have become more well-defined during playback and therefore, as in this case, seem to sound deeper, tighter, and perhaps a bit more accurate.

Hence, explanations such as yours or mine here are usually not necessary. In fact, I would think it extremely unusual for a reader to interpret that statement the way you apparently did.

Stehno, I know what you're saying. It's just that I interpreted the statement about "gaining another octave" as per the English language (ie 12 semitomes below the original note).
I've been a bassist for 20 years and my wife has a B.Mus Degree, so I get a little tired of a small number of A'goner's who use confused terminology when glowingly describing system sound or improvements.
If we just describe what we hear (for example, "bass notes gained more definition" or "lower frequencies gained strength and prominence") then everyone will be able to imagine what the writer is describing.
I should also be able to spell "semitones"! Lucky I'm a better bass player than I am typist...
After creating my own dual plug for my PCs I just found this site, where they manufacture a PC called SPIRIT DH with 2 plugs. Man, I wish I got this before reinventing the wheel, wasting my time and effort while I could be enjoying my playback system. Hopefully, many more manufacturers will catch on to this.
And, Carl109, Thank you for the corrections and I hope you will keep your good work up since I am not sure how many of us may be equipped qs you are. And yes I am trying to find a Music Dictionary as you suggested, which will help me post info about my upcoming experiments using 4 pcs of mono amps instead of 2 pcs, these will deliver 1.2 KW each.
thx terry
Terryakhan, please don't think I was trying to be insulting, as I wasn't. It's just that our descriptions of the sound of our systems (or any changes) are the only way for us to learn from each other; we obviously can't hear each other's systems.
That's why I'm a bit touchy when it comes to terminology on these threads, as terms are sometimes used which confuse rather than clarify.
Just don't get electrocuted!