Remote Volume Control Issue with Arcam A75 Integ

I purchased an Arcam A75 Integrated Amplifier in 2001. Recently, the amplifier is unresponsive to volume adjustments made by the remote control. I also have the Arcam CD72 CD Player volume control from its remote also does not work. All other functions work fine on the remotes so my initial conclusion is that there may be an issue within the amplifier to either interpret the volume requests from the remote or the motor that control the volume nob is not functioning appropriately. Anyone dealt with an issue like this? Any advice on how to fix this? I live in New York City - is there a dealer or repair service you can recommend?


i assume the manual volume control works fine--query whether the volume knob won't respond to any remote command or just when it's at a low setting. before you hassle with repairing the amp, get a cheap universal remote (e.g. one-for-all or philips) and program it to the amp, then see if the universal remote will control the volume--in this way we can see if it's the amp or the arcam remote that's malfunctioning. my second approach would be to remove the volume knob (it should just pull off) and spray a bunch of dexoit around the stem--this is harmless at worst and will sometimes magically repair motorized volume controls.
Loomisjohnson - thanks for the tips. The manual control does work fine. I'll try a programmable remote and see if I can do anything with the knob.
Check your batteries possibly to ?