Remote Volume Control for a Sub Woofer

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I was looking for a past post I read where people were recommending remote volume controls for a sub but couldn't find it.  Some good recommendations were given and I was hoping that those that responded, and also others who could recommend, might respond to this post.  I have limited space to place my sub.  It now resides under a desk.  It's an RSL Speedwoofer.  Some music plays with too much bass on it, and some not enough.  Being that the sub's controls are on the rear of the unit I find myself having to lay on my back, under the desk, to make adjustments.  Then, I crawl out and hope the adjustment is to my liking.  What a pain!  I was almost going to post a question to see if anyone knew of a good preamp, with a sub out jack, that would have a separate sub volume control on it's front panel.  I've never seen one.  Anyway, the idea of placing a volume control, with a hand held remote, between my preamp's (an NAD C 165BEE) sub out jack and my subwoofer greatly appealed to me.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



This may qualify as one of those questions I end up feeling stupid asking but, if it is close by, can you adjust the Bass or use the Tone Defeat with the Remote it came with?

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This is not a remote but you can use this SYS and place it anywhere that is convenient for you to adjust the volume on the sub!

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Some music plays with too much bass on it, and some not enough.


This is a good indicator that you may have excess bass peaks. If you could trim them you would probably be happy with a wider variety. Any decent DSP based EQ should work. Some also have built in IR controls. Look at miniDSP for an outboard unit or see if your music playback includes a flexible EQ solution already.

Thanks all.  I appreciate your responses.

Not a stupid question, dcmtwowner1979.  I do have all that you mentioned on my preamp, however I was hoping to be able to control the amount/volume of bass going to my sub without affecting my main speakers.

Yogiboy, you just gave me an easy solution.  I previously purchased a Schitt Sys, but ended up not needing it.  It's been sitting in a drawer!  Now I have a use for it.  Thanks!

Thanks for the recommendations on the other subs (SVS and REL).  I was not looking forward to replacing the sub I have, however I am planning on putting together another system so I will take a close look at these two.

Back in the day recordings were the way they were, some had lots of bass and some had little bass. We just set up our system and left it alone. We just accepted some recordings were better than others. My Velodyne 12 inch is set where it is and I don't often change it but you sure do get tempted to bump the bass on some recordings.

Just insert a remote volume control if that’s what you want.

MCM 50-8394 works for me.

I think there may be third part bluetooth controlled wireless devices available.

I use the volume and/or select one of the six programed to memory equalization presets using the remote control quite often with the Velodyne DD Plus'.

With some LP's they get simply get turned off. The ultimate Loudness button.


I guess things were simpler and I wasn't as fussy when I was younger, I'm 66 going on 67 this year.  When I was in my 20s I had an Onkyo integrated amp (can't remember the model number), a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers, a Dual turntable, a Sherwood tuner, and a TEAC cassette recorder/player and I was in heaven!  Subwoofer?  What was that?  Never heard of such a thing.  If I needed more bass, that's what the Loudness switch was for (Loudness On/Off).  Bass problem solved.  Damn, why is equipment so much better and expensive these days!  But I love it!

OP I still have a loudness contour, bass, treble and balance. I wouldn't give it up for anyone. 

Second the actual problem is the sensitivity of your main speakers vs your subs. 10 to 1 says your mains or subs are a mismatch.

Kind of like conventional subs with horns. You have to match speaker types. 

My subs are all above 90% sensitivity even GRs OB servos are higher. I use a HO44 10" because of the sensitivity, speed and depth it can reach with a passive and stay very accurate with super low distortion and lower watts for a normal sub.

That drove my wife nuts 25 years ago. She hated it. She likes listening to reel to reel mix tapes. It could have Mic Jagger or Carman Miranda on one of her tapes.

With Macs it's never been a problem controlling subs or bass. Their MX series have sub, bass, treble and variable loudness. The cool thing is from the remote.

We used a C20 for years too, NO REMOTE at all. BUT it's still the best sounding preamp on earth. Samra C20..

I also like playing with the remote on my pair of Velodyne DD10+’s. I mostly adjust adjust the volume to taste but on some truly bass shy recordings I’ll adjust the slope as well. I’ve got buttons 1-5 programmed to alter the slope from 6db all the way up to 36db. I also mute the sub often to appreciate its subtle but important contribution. With the sub muted the system often sounds like a top performing Hifi, but with the sub in it gives enough bandwidth to feel like the performers are in the room. Another benefit to the remote it that the subs allow dual hook up, so when the home theater system is on and feeding the subs, I often am too lazy to get up and change the crossover frequency from 40 hz (for 2 channel) to 80hz for HT, so the 6db slope setting helps fill in the gaps that are there from below 80hz.

Emailists, FYI, the plastic on my 2011 subs remote became sticky from what seems like age. Has yours?

emailists, good to know thanks.

Some years ago the remote stopped working. I dropped off the sub at Velodyne in Morgan Hill. They replaced the receiver (Front Panel) for free out of warrantee and purchased from a third party, amazing considering all the warrantee BS they were fighting at the time.

I purchased a new remote during that service. Since then this one has became gooey too and recently stopped working. With the batteries remove I took the remote apart using alcohol around the seem to get past the gooey stuff. Beginning at the heel of the remote (be patient) I managed to open it without damaging the snap clips. The board and button pad come right out.

The goo had migrated onto some of the printed wire board connections. I used an alcohol soaked Q-tip to remove the goo and canned air to dissipate the alcohol. It worked!

The alcohol may remove the script on the remote.

I’m using two DD-12 Plus’ master and slave asymmetrically positioned for two channel. HT is in another room. Take care