remote switchbox for TAD150

I'm looking at the TAD150 preamp for my system. Problem is that it only has 4 inputs where I'd like to have 6. Phono, CD, VHS, DVD/CD, Tuner, Sirius.

So I was looking for an IR remote controlled switchbox for the extra sources.
This way I could make it talk to the Harmony remote so that my wife might find what she wants to watch or listen to easier than 6 remotes.

I've found Impact Acoustics, Joytech, Kinyo and this device on ebay made by who knows.

Are there others or better to consider? I'd really like to find something with a trim pot on the inputs so switched levels might me close, but ......
I am pretty sure the TAD150 could be modified to include another two inputs and six-way selector switch. I would contact TAD directly or maybe Response Audio of any other official modding company. A much cleaner and better quality solution than a switchbox I presume.

Good luck!
Add a remote controlled passive pre-amp ( i.e. Creek OHB-12 ) or receiver to your TAD-150 aux input. if you use a receiver, connect the tape-out to your tad-150.