Remote Preamp with Phono Section on Board

Okay guys give me your thoughts on a remote control preamplifier with an on board phono section. Have looked at Classe gear, any others with merit? Lets keep it around the thousand dollar figure.
I have seen BAT VK-3is with phono for a little more than your budget. Nice sounding line stage, but the phono card is only average. There is a JJ Electronics 243 preamp for sale on the Gon right now. Asking $1300.00 I think. This is a great sleeper of a preamp, excellent all tube phono stage, but alas no remote.

Your bill is tough to fill at 1K.

BAT vk3i; phono board is an option, as is remote. Phono can be added later; not sure about remote. Fully equipped unit will be a little more than $1K, but its a great pre.
No tube gear please, must be solid state. Just cannot cycle the Class A power amps through on/off to accomodate a tube preamp.