Remote Preamp $1000 Used

Hope all had a good 4th. I am looking for suggestions to begin a search for a preamp with a remote. I am looking for a preowned unit less for than $1000 for a second system.

I will be using it with Audio Physic Step LEs, a Marantz 8 amp and a Sony 555ES. In addition, I will most likely be hooking up a dvd player and a new hdtv. I also need it to be able to control two amps as I will be picking up a relatively inexpensive second amp to run 3 sets of inwalls we have throughout the house. I do not need HT bypass as we are sticking with two channel. At present I am using an Audio Research LS 1 pre but, for the sake of flexibility and familial harmony need a pre with a remote.

Thanks much to all.

Check out the Placette Passive Line Stage. Three inputs and two outputs. Remote for volume and three input.
I think this covers all your needs. Check out the reviews. By the way, I do have one for sale here on AudioGon.
here are a couple of suggestions.

the electrocompient pre 4.6... very nice for a solid state pre. not bright or edg. just smooth, dynamic, and musical.

also the audio research ls-12 is one of "THE" most neutral pre's i have heard or owned.

if you want to play with tubes- the bat 3vki.

good luck,

Quad 99 is very neutral and musical and you will be in remote heaven as just about every pre amp function is on it.
FT Audio Passive Controller $700 new I think. Used one last year and they are great!
I own the FT Audio as well and they do have a remote option now as well. It is a fantastic line stage.
$550 US for the Pre-Amp
$199 US for the Remote

The remote interface box runs off a battery - so that it can't contaminate the signal into the passive pre-amp and is used to adjust volume - it does not do input switching.
If you like your LS-1, I would look at the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. To my ears, Sonic Frontiers is the closest to ARC inasmuch as it's VERY neutral (NOT tubey) and maybe even somewhat lively.

I'm a big fan of both ARC and SF. Great build quality and VERY musical.