Remote power supply connection.

I was reading another thread on the issue of interconenects, power cords and the like. We all have heard the experiences with upgraded power cords, interconnects and speaker wire, but my question is for remote power supplies. I have a seperate remote power supply for both my per-amp and amp. I have upgraded my other cords with very good results, but I've never read or heard of any after-market power cord from the supply to the unit. Has anyone had any experience with this issue?
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Tube Research Labs have offered upgraded imbelical cords throughout the years. This, and the need for a decent in house power cord, led to the formation of FIM cables.
Thank-you Recres. Who is FIM cables, and do you know who supplies them?
FIM (First Impression Music) cables are a joint venture between Winston Ma and Paul Weitzel of Tube Research. As far as dealers go, I only know (by name) Sound by Singer. You may want to contact Winston at [email protected] or (425) 868-5326 for a dealer closer to you. Much info is available through searches here and at Audio Asylum. Good luck!