Remote not in line with seating position

My processor is not in line with my seating position. During movies or tv if I have to make an adjustment, I have to get up from my seating position and interrupt the viewing of the other guests in the room because I'm temporarily blocking the projector.

Is there a device that will allow me to use the remote on my processor when it is out of my direct line of sight?
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Would a small mirror glued at an angle to the remote sensor on the processor work? You would point the mirror towards your seat then the remotes signal would bounce off the mirror and hit the sensor. I've never tried it - FWIW.
Some remotes (such as some by Universal Remote) can be used with RF units that can achieve just what you're describing. This allows the A/V equipment to sit in a closet, for instance, and still be controllable.

While some can use RF, there are "repeater" devices that for instance you glue the sensor to the components eye and there will be a wired unit you can place anywhere in room you wish, allowing you more freedom and not having to get up or block movie.....the mirror can and does work aswell.
They are called IR Blasters.
Just spend $80 and get a Xantech IR repeater system, very simple
I installed a Xantech IR target above my screen so I could use any of my remotes since it's convienient to have all the buttons when trying to do things like setup a CRT projector.

You can also get RF universal remotes with IR repeaters.