Remote for Parasound AVC2500 PrePro

I'm looking to find an alternative to buying a replacement remote for my Parasound AVC2500 preamp/surround processor . Parasound will sell me one for $100 + shipping.
My former processor, a B&K Ref20, died and I bought the AVC2500 on Ebay to replace it. The AVC2500 did not include the setup mic or the remote. However, the ad said you can use a Theater Master SL8000 or SL9000 universal remote to control it.

I thought I could use the remote control that came with the B&K Ref20 since it looks identical to the Universal Remote Control Inc.'s SL8000 and SL9000 models I researched on the internet.
Unfortunately, I was unable to make the B&K remote work with the AVC2500. I tried programming the B&K remote with all four of the 3-digit codes, one code at a time, listed for Parasound products in the SL9000's manual that I found on the internet. I also tried the automatic method for finding and programming the 3-digit code into the B&K (Sl9000?)and this was unsuccessful, too.

So, I have a few questions I'm hoping someone may be able to answer:

1. Do you think the B&K remote, supplied with the Ref20, can be used as the SL9000 it looks like? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

2. Does anyone know the 3 digit code that the Parasound AVC2500 uses? I called Parasound and they were not able to tell me the exact code. I also searched the internet with no luck.

3. Do you think it's worth buying a used SL9000($50 on Ebay) to see if it works better than the B&K lookalike? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy the $100 replacement remote from Parasound?

PS: I got lucky and found a guy that was giving away his AVC2500(center channel not working) with the setup mic and remote included for just the shipping costs. I did this but the remote did not work. I can't test the setup mic until I get a working remote. I don't think there are shops that repair remotes cheaply so I may be better off buying a new unit for $100.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Due to the overwhelming lack of responses, and interest?, to my post, I was forced to try a different approach.
In the unlikely case that anyone is interested, I'll give an update:

I bought a Logitech Harmony650 universal remote on sale from Best Buy today for $75.
It comes with a USB cord that hooks up the remote to your computer for setup and programming via the Logitech website.
Logitech supposedly has a data base of over 200,000 device codes that the remote can be configured with.
If Logitech is unable to configure for my equipment, I can return it for full refund.

It should arrive in 3-5 days. Just in case this might help someone else, I'll post another update once I know whether or not it solved the problem. Thanks.
Just wanted to let those who are interested know that the Logitech Harmony 650 did solve my problem.
It not only acts as a substitute remote for my Parasound avc2500, it also operates my DVD player, Comcast cable box and my TV. So, I would highly reccommend this universal remote to those in a similar predicament.Thanks.