Does anyone know who made the remotes for Audio Research pre-amps .......Audio Research doesn't stock them anymore and I can't find one.....Does anyone repair them ??? I don't want a smart remote, just the R-25 Audio research.....Any help ???? Thanks

I assume you have an Audio Research LS25. I still have an LS25 mk2. I know there are no replacement remotes for this model. I talked to the Audio Research rep about remotes last month at a party for the G series. Though I was more interested in being able to use just one remote instead of the 5 Audio Research remotes I now have. He told me that they are considering making a universal remote that would work with all Audio Research equipment.

At least the preamp remotes are model specific. My LS27 remote will not work with my LS25, the functions are all different from the keys.
Lostbears: I now have 2 LS-25 remotes, One is very nice and the other one will work everything , but is slow on the down volume.....If that will help you let me know....Maybe I can trade you something ?? Thanks Will
recently I purchased an LS25 mk2 with faulty remote (unused batteries liquid corruption) and I'm looking for anyone has an advice on how to replace it. Original will be better if @autospec  still have one of them.
Please help me finding a replacement R25 remote... thanks !
I think ARC uses RC5 code but back to front. So marantz, Philips, krell and many others work. Just + becomes - and vice versa. Then you could use a learning remote to program into the correct button

The remote for my Audio Research LS-17 stopped working. I purchased a Harmony 650 remote control ($49). It requires a simple online setup that recognized the ARC model. I just tested and volume/on/mute are working. The other couple of functions probably work but I haven't invested any time in figuring out the buttons for those. I suspect even the cheapest Harmony remote will work with ARC products. I didn't test any other model.