Remote controlled preamp under 700?

Hello and thanks for reading. I've recently started building my first system and need some advice about adding a preamp. I'm powering triangle zeruis floorstanders, along with Antique sound labs KMP Fox 60 monoblocks. I'll soon be getting an Onix XCD 88 as a source. I'm searching for a preamp around $700 new or used, that will mate well with the ASL's. My requirements are very good bass handling (tight and low), phono stage for future upgrading, and hopefully remote controlled. The only preamp that has caught my eye is the eastern electric minimax. What else is comparable at this price range? Music preferences are classic rock, country, folk, and classical.
Adcom GFP-750 with remote.. Passive mode is cleaner, Remote control
Placette Passive used remote volume is in your budget but the 3 input version is over your budget. and no phone but an amazing preamp.
Quad 99 used. Has pretty good phono (mc & mm), remote, three inputs (not including the phono) and three different input sensitivity settings (100, 300 or 775mV).