Remote controlled DHT preamps?

Looking to compile a list of DHT pres with remote control to research. I know Coincident's, but unfortunately it had reliability problems and was discontinued. Only the non-remote version exists now...

Would ideally be around 2k used, but I'm more interested in building a list right now. 

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I use a great DHT preamp made by a wonderful gentleman names Radu Tarta.  He is located in CT and designs & builds custom tube amps.  His DHT preamp can be customized to suit your needs, is built like a tank and features great components.  I did not opt for it but Radu does offer a remote control version.  It's a lot of preamp for the money.  Look here: 4P1L Preamplifier

You may also consider the Mir Preamp by Kevin Carter at K&K Audio.  Kevin is the U.S. distributor for Luhndahl transformers.  I have never used his preamp but I have tries his Maxxed-Out Phono Stage and it was great.  Another product with outstanding build quality and a unique design from a small specialty firm.  See here: K&K Mir Preamp

@br3098 Thanks for the input.  Anyone else have more?