remote control volume solution for Jolida 502B?

anyone have a jolida all tube integrated (202, 302, or 502) that has a remote control volume? i am looking for a solution to changing the volume with a remote with this unit. that is really the only function that i need the remote to do. any help.......
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If I am interpretting your question correctly, your Jolida does NOT have it's own remote control to adjust volume and that's all you need - Yes?

In that case, you should consider a Placette Audio RVC that comes standard with a remote control, is very reasonably priced and EXCEEDINGLY transparent.

Another option would be a Bent Audio passive unit that uses a transformer to adjust volume instead of the Placette's Vishay resistors.

Both products are well-regarded, simple designs, and are supported by two of the most accommodating people in the biz. Each will build to your specifications and back their products for the long-haul.

I have a Placette Active Linestage on its way to me as we speak. I got it used right here on the 'goN, and am really looking forward to receiving it.

Hope that helps.
that gear is way out of my price range. how about the creek ohb-10 or ohb-12? anybody used these?
Depends how handy you are, or whether you're willing to pay a tech, and drill a hole in the faceplate for a remote detector. I recently researched the issue of adding remote to a non-remote unit (preamp) and came up with two things. You can contact John at Bent Audio and buy a step motor from him that runs a DACT stepped attenuator. Have a technically qualified person swap the existing Jolida attenuator for the DACT with motor. Cost will be around $300 for parts. OR you can get a Alps motorized attenuator kit (with remote) from Cary (or other sources). If I remember correctly, the cost is around $250. The Alps would be equal or better than the existing attenuator in the Jolida, though the DACT is likely even better. You need to make sure that the impedence of the attenuators is the same as the one in the Jolida. Heck, there are lots of people doing Jolida mods - someone should jump on this and offer it as a mod!
Creek OBH-10 will work fine.Check the used ads here.
As far as adding a remote unit inside the 202A, it's not going to happen due to limited space between the face and circuit board which is about 1" - 1.25".

If patience is something you are good at, give me a few more weeks and I will have my remote volume mod ready for the Jolida tube amps.

Jolida is coming out with a remote volume which should sell for about $200? If I recall, it will utilize an ALPs unit. It is designed to go inline with one of the sources.

What our modification will offer is the use of this remote unit to control ALL sources and become part of the amplifier itself (not physically). Actually, you will be able to use any inline remote piece with this modification. I have been using the Creek OBH unit for testing purposes.

The modification will be able to be set up two different ways. One will bypass the original passive volume control altogether (recommended) and the other will be installed to be used as a secondary feature while still maintaing the original passive unit.

We also now have a mod for the Jolida units that bypasses all controls and is a "Direct Input" for use with your choice of preamp or source with variable output. This is done by the flick of a switch and also maintains all the original 4 inputs on the amps. This has been a popular option for many of the Jolida modifications we have performed lately and I have this now incorperated into my personal Special Edition SE502 for use with various preamps or sources with variable output.

Further information on this will be available on my website shortly.

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