Remote control of hidden components?

How do I control my gear with remote if it's hidden behind cabinet doors? HT novice so be kind.

Is there a device that plugs into the rear of the BDP, Receiver,... (isn't there an IR plug on the back?) and another part sits on top of cabinet? Something simple, not expensive. Then there's the four remotes I have also. There has to be an inexpensive solution for this without getting too complicated and messy.

You use an IR repeater.
Having tried a singe remote.. I went back and threw the single out... (actually it's "somewhere" within my perimeter.. but where? I don't know NOR care.)
Yeah, a repeater. If you have one brand of stuff.. many boxes have a connection in back that allows one infrared 'eye' to run all the other stuff.
For the connection, read your owners manuals.. Then if one infrared eye is seeable through the screen, you got it. If not.. buy the repeater.
If the repeater idea doesn't work you can try something like the Universal RFS200 package that includes a nice remote and an RF unit that operates on radio waves rather than infrared so it can work through doors, walls, etc. It's a nice universal remote and at B&H Photo it's available for around $80 if that's not too much. It also comes with a DVD to aid in set-up if you're new to this stuff. Best of luck.
Maybe not the answer you want to hear but....a sony Playstation PS3 with the digital out connected to a DacMagic...and voilĂ ...a nice cd player, top-notch Blu-ray machine, 250GB of stored music, AND because the PS3's remote is bluetooth, you could even operate the unit from the next room if you wanted to ! Purchase price is so cheap, you could certainly find a use for it if not for audio...

I'd prefer a cable plugged into the back of equipment then a cable stuck over the IR input. If only there was a way to use the plasmas IR sensor for everything. I want a clean, uncluttered way of controlling. I may have no choice though but to get the IR repeater set up because of budget.

I tried the PS3. Great for games, and I loved the GUI, but I wouldn't consider it a "top-notch" BDP unless it was used as a transport with an outboard video processor (DVDO,..). I found the PQ to be "gamey" if you will. Reminded me of watching movies on a computer. The Marantz BD7004 had a more filmic quality to it. More enjoyable. I ended up going backwards and getting a BD8002. Stunning!

Logitech looks to have some decent solutions in both IR and RF control, as well as the Harmony universal remotes. Any feedback from users here? Which model? IR or RF?

Magnolia/Best Buy tried to push Speaker Craft's IR Repeater. $250!! I can get a Salamander kit for under $100, plus a universal remote for that price.

The IR or RF blasters could work but I'd have to hang them over the front of the equipment because there's no room on the shelf in front (not enough cabinet depth), unless placing to the side would work. I prefer the idea of an RF kit because you can hide it completely, but some customers comment that reliability can be touch-n-go.

I definitely want an RF set up so I can hide it completely. I can live with the "stick-on" IR emitters too, but there are a couple blaster versions as well.

I saw this great URC remote and RF station the other day at a local retailer. $500+!! And then $300+ more for programming both units?! That's absurd. URC does have a consumer package offering though for less then $100 at Amazon. There's also a not too expensive Harmony set up.

What about apps for iPhone or iPad to use as a remote with an IR/RF repeater?
Did you look at the Universal remote package I mentioned above? It sure looks like it would solve all your problems since it's a great universal remote, includes RF, and is only 80 bucks at B&H. One of the advantages over the iPhone/IPad is that it has mechanical buttons so you can operate most functions without ever having to look at the remote -- drive by feel as it were. I can't stand having to look down at the remote every time I want to do something, but to each his own.
I would love to see your HT setup. If it looks anything like your 2 ch, i bet it's beautiful!

Soix: I actually saw that before. It is a good, inexpensive solution. Just don't care for the style of remote. Do they have to design them w/o any aesthetics though.
I may try the Logitech Harmony RF, or their RF receiver with URC remote.

Streetdaddy: It's nothing special in terms of room set up. But it is clean and simple. If they allowed pictures here I'd post one.

Looks cool. Mines nothing like that. Just a plain room with low media console, hidden gear, table top LCR speakers, REL sub to one side, and soon to be wall mounted plasma. I'll have pictures later on.
Are all IR repeater/extenders and IR Universal Remotes compatible?

I was thinking to get an IR repeater/extender for now (URC, Harmony, Salamander,...) and then get a UR once I decide on one. They're not very expensive and i can live with the IR receiver device sitting in the open, or somewhat concealed.

The URC RF-20/MRF-100B Bundle is a good value, but there are a number of concerns with users feedback and I don't want to end up being one of those.
Which IR remote?

Something reliable and easy to program. Use with Harmony IR Extender System or Salamander IR Repeater.






Also considering Harmony 700 Advanced Universal Remote & IR Extender System Bundle.

Ordered Harmony 300 Remote and IR Extender System.

I was too overwhelmed being a total novice with this. Too many solutions with not enough answers and no experience. I have to start somewhere and gain some experience. May as well be the least expensive, idiot proof choice, and one I can return.

Meanwhile... where do I find the IR Code for my components (plasma, BDP,..etc)? I was trying to program my Marantz SR5004 remote to control those in the meantime. The manual just lists a bunch of IR Codes next to the manufacturer name (no models).

Also, with regards to the remote control jack on the back of the components; in the receiver manual it shows how you can connect "daisy-chain" Marantz components to control them from the receiver, but it also shows that an IR receiver can be connected to it as well (Input). Does that mean I can connect a cable from any IR receiver/extender to this input instead of using the emitter/blaster? Then all I'd need to do is connect one other emitter/blaster to the cable-box. Does that make sense? Will that work?
The Harmony IR Extender System works good. And the 300 remote was easy enough (novice, first universal remote) to program. But it's too limited with features/buttons even though I only have four devices. Only has "Watch TV" all in one command, can't set channel control for one device regardless of which device is active, only with volume, limited button commands even though it had my devices IR codes (except for SR5004, used SR6004 instead), and you can't see the buttons at night (no glow or backlight). Needs more common buttons (names) for A/V Receiver and BDP. Can't remember all of them. Doesn't have "DVR List" button either for what's been recorded.... Not quite there. Going to try Harmony 600 Remote.

I returned the Harmony 300 remote and picked up the Harmony 600 (Target). More features and activities buttons, plus a customizable B&W screen for additional commands for both devices and activities. Not flawless, but much better control over HT system. Still figuring it out setup though. It's taken a few hours over multiple sessions to understand how it works. Main reason is the new SW GUI (no browser). That's my biggest complaint with this new remote - SW GUI. Couldn't use the one for 300 remote, and couldn't transfer settings. The new GUI is completely different from the 300 and not very intuitive. Couldn't use my login info either and had to re-register. No praise for IlLogitech. They really don't have their act together.