Remote Control for CDM12 pro 2

I lost my RC,so I need help matching remote control to my Transport Metronome T1A Mk2.
As understnad the mechanism is CDM12 Pro2 Philps.
I check with the company but the price is a killer (about 400$).
I see hundred of philps Remote control on ebay but I'm not sure what to buy.
Any using the popular RC-5 code will do (which means most of them).
Thanks Elberoth2, I check but can't find something like that (not in eBay or in local store).
can you or some1 recommend on specific one?
or where can i buy one...

This one should work:

I just found the following RC:

The seller mentioned it's working with CDM12 .
I contact him but he doesn't know if it should work with CDM12 PRO V2.

Please advice
99,99% should work.