Remote control for a Rotel 1072 cd player

Hello all,

My Rotel RR-AT94 remote has stopped working. New batteries did nothing, and I don't know if its the 1072's IR receiver on the remote, but I'm going to assume it's the remote.

The RR-AT94 is not a dedicated 1072 remote; rather, it seems like it's made for one of their integrateds.

Where could I find a remote for the 1072 - either a dedicated one or one that can control it as part of a larger set of buttons? Or should I contact the regional distributor out in Massachusetts?

thank you
Rare as hens teeth, here is the Philips Pronto TS1000 remote codes for the RCD-1072,
I have a TS1000 with charging stand f/s if you can’t get one $50 +post.

Cheers George
Rotel has a replacement remote. Remote RR-D95 is available for $20.53.

Here's the link to order,

You can test your remote with your camera on either your phone or tablet.

Thank you to all, especially to @tls49 .  Remote ordered.

I love this forum!
Bargain, have saved that site for myself, let us know if it all comes through.

Cheers George 
You're welcome, simao, glad to help.