Remote Control Codes for DHC 9.9

I recently got a used integer dhc 9.9 ( love it so far), anyway trying to program the integer remote as per page 140 and having no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion? Would like to find remote control codes but cannot find them either. Thanks for any help.

Joe in Mobile
Try emailing Integra support. They have always responded in a few weeks for me.
Remote may be able to help.
From the comment I think he is looking for the codes to put into the Integra remote to allow the Integra remote to control other devices. If so, he probably needs to get those from Integra. If he is looking for the IR codes (e.g. Pronto hex) to control the Integra the 80.3 codes are in the files section on remotecentral. They probably work on the 9.9.
I emailed integer but have not heard anything back yet. I am looking for the remote codes to put in the integer to control other components. My brain is vapor locked with understanding on how to use a component remote to program the integer remote. I have read multiple times and tried different but have only managed to confuse myself. Which at times is not as hard as it used to be. Any help would be great. I will try remote

Joe in Mobile
My guess you will not get much help on remotecentral. They are more about universal remotes to control multiple pieces rather than remotes supplied with individual electronics. I see you posted a stand alone comment on AVSform. You might send a private message to Kal Rubinson on AVSformum. He has reviewed the Integra pre-pros for Stereophile.