Remote control codes?

Does anyone know how if possible, to find out the numerical code of a remote? I have a new "learning remote", and it wont LEARN a damn least not my remotes that I have, and my 'brands' arent in the listing of name brands that will work..HELP!!!!
Try have it all, or most of it...

If they don't have it, you might still find it, but it'll take some work!!!
I had the same problem, I first started with the cheap learning remotes you find at Kmart, walmart,ect, ect......they could only learn the newer epuipment codes. None of them would learn the codes for my dbx DX-5 CD player. I did like you'll probable be doing, and searched all the remote control/manufacture sites looking for the numeric codes but never did find them. I eventually found a Sony RM-AV2100 ( this was a couple of years ago)learning remote that had no problem with the dbx remote. A friend has one of those expensive Pronto remote which also couldn't learn the dbx functions, so I think it'll be a hit and miss on which one works with your remotes. If you want to give the Sony a try, check out e-bay their going for around $50, the newer AV3000 is going for $105. Good luck
So far.. no luck at all....cant even find who makes the damn thing...I will not stop until I have conquered the "remote cloning war".
Here is a universal remote control with what appears to be a much better approach - Harmony
Homer, I'd like too, but I am way too hard-headed for something so easy..I suppose it is a Marine thing.
Remeber Marine, sometimes you have to do a tactical retreat, regroup, reorginize and hit the objective from another way. Easy doesn't mean you cheated or the situation beat you. It doesn't matter how you take the objective, just that you take it. Just a little food for thought from one military man to another. ( I opoligize if your female)
DBX, last time I checked, still a male...and I have regrouped...and I will take the objective, as I said in my earlier post..I will find it! Can I assume you were not a Marine?
Tunes4me, No, not me, Army, 82Abn. "The jumpin junkies" aleast in the 80's we were. Ones a grunt always a grunt.:)
Hello tunes4me, I have also a dbx dx-5 but I have no remote control. I bought a sony av-rm3100. Have you find codes? Thank you for your answer. best regards.