Remodeling - what to do - power

I am about to start a remodeling project. I have heard about dedicated lines for audio gear. Is there a particular wire or outlet one should use. I know someone has gone through what I am about to do. What are the do's and don't's to look out for.

what you need to do depends on what the requirements are for your system (what is the total amps your system needs to operate). For my system I figured out the max current needed and then ran two dedicate (from the circuit box directly to the outlets) 20amp circuits. One of the important considerations is to be sure "nothing" else is on the same circuit as your HIFI equipment.
Hope this helps
You might consider purchasing cryo-treated 12 or 10 gauge romex house wire for the lines and most any cryo-treated audio-grade outlet is worth the little extra in quality of construction. Two of the better ones I'm aware of are the Oyaide and Furutech.

It's also good to know that all Furutech products are cryo-treated.

I would suggest planning on every major component having it's own dedicated circuit/line or at the very least 3 dedicated circuits/lines. 1 for the amp, 1 for the digitial, and 1 for front-end analog.

Idealistically, if you think you need 3 dedicated circuits/lines, then install at least 5 for future growth.

The whole process is rather inexpensive and well worth it.

IMHO you cannot have enough power. Get as many dedicated circuits that you have space for in you electrical panel. If you can use 10 Gauge wire. The smaller the number of gauge the bigger the wire. Use only copper wire. Use good plugs, minimum Hubble brand. Use 20 amp breakers if possible, This is not allowed if you are doing this with permits. Check with an electician. The outlet and plug have a different configuration by code. ( Everybody tries to get the most amount of power to their units therefore 20 amps). I am using 40 Amp 220 V for my 33's. In your breaker box (panel) try to have your digital gear on one side of the hot bar and the analog gear on he other side of the leg. Another thing to do is have a dedicated ground for each outlet. This is not a simple task but if you can it will make a big differnce, No noise from fridge,freezer,dryer,washing machine Air conditiong, ETC. If you need more info E-Mail me.