REMINDER: tighten up your loose screws

REMINDER, tighten up all loose screws around the drivers. Just Do It. All of them.
Sit back and enjoy your “new system”.

85% of screws on my speakers needed 1/8 to pass 1/4 turn to snug firmly and guess this… all screws on my woofers needed 1 full turn. Some was actually needed 2 turns. Anyways, improvement was a jaw dropping.
Credit reminder to Rick from High Fidelity Cables

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Long time ago when i used to have speakers with back panel attached with the screws I didn’t go crazy screw them extra tight, I just used nail polish to put them on. Nail polish is easy to unscrew if you need it and at the same time it holds screws on the place tightly.. don’t use glue as it will be permanent. 
Yah, the blue thread lock is good too but it’s an extra non necessary move like buying, spending and nail polish is always there in your wife’s medicine cabinet waiting for some real purpose  :)