Reminder - It might be time to replace the rectifier tube if you have one.

Having owned tube components for many years, I’m used to replacing tired valves. Usually, weakening dynamics are the first indication. Three years ago, I purchased a DAC that has tube output stages and a tube rectifier. The dealer didn’t how long the rectifier life was. He just said ’a long time’. Last week, I replaced it with the same NOS brand/model - different year of manufacture.

The old one was quiet, nice tone, excellent dynamics - along with a fairly forward & lush presentation. The fresh replacement was very similar but with a much deeper/wider sound-stage. Instead of forward & lush, the image was cleaner with more instrument separation. The dynamics were pretty much the same. I’m pleased that the rectifier had a 3 year life-span.

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By my careful calculations, Dweller's rectifiers will last 37 years. I'd replace 'em at 36 to be safe.
My calculations were extremely careful although very likely utterly inaccurate.