Remembering mrtennis

  Don't come around here like I used to.  Was poking around today and found a reply from mrtennis.  He got on my nerves at times with his logic, but I smile nonetheless. His replies were...logical.  Brightened my evening.
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I haven't seen any replies of his in couple of years. I hope he is doing well.

mrtennis, czarivey and even abucktwoeighty will never be forgotten as long as ogon runs!

I met and dealt with Roy several times. You know how it is meeting most audiophiles in person...

Obviously intelligent with a keen sense of his own (admittedly biased) taste. Almost embarrassingly (imagine Woody Allen, and you're a lot closer than you'd guess) stereotypical NY neurotic. He took a stand in clearly knowing what he liked and what he disliked, which I greatly admire. But a nice / good guy. I like him, and hope he is OK.
Hello all,

I'm a longtime member and lurker of Audiogon and only recently started joining in and posting on these threads.

I remember from several yrs back he definitely knew what he liked and didn't like that's for sure but he had quite a sense of humor as well.Always made me laugh.

I hope he is doing ok as well.


I'm in wacky 2:47 am state of mind and decided to try and find
a Roy Harris,audiophile.I think this is him....mrtennis. also may
have written for Audiophilia at one time. Reason for search is
pure curiosity .....I think it's the same Roy Harris I bought Quad 57
from long ago in East Meadow,NY  and for some reason the idea y 
got in my head to see if I could find a trace of him here. It's pure
nostalgia on my part. The Quads are long gone but my memory of
going to his house to see them,audio stuff all over,Big Quicksilver
mono's on the floor....these most unusual looking speakers...and 
he played them for me and I bought them,crossed my fingers and 
it all worked out. Music through them and then a Pink Triangle tt
to complete my first system w/ Hafler amp and it all
sounded so good....speakers about $700,amp and pre a couple 
hundred,Pink Triangle $150...and got a Fidelity Research arm
w/Grado cart. from a guy in West Islip for another 2-3 hundred. 
Not bad for having no idea what I was doing. I said
just feeling late night buzzed . Roy Harris...I think this is him,to me
seemed a bit like a mad scientist and left a lasting impression on me.