Remembering mrtennis

  Don't come around here like I used to.  Was poking around today and found a reply from mrtennis.  He got on my nerves at times with his logic, but I smile nonetheless. His replies were...logical.  Brightened my evening.
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I haven't seen any replies of his in couple of years. I hope he is doing well.

mrtennis, czarivey and even abucktwoeighty will never be forgotten as long as ogon runs!

If you do say so yourself czarivey!
I thought he started to do professional reviews 
Maybe someone could hack the Agon and reveal all users real names?
He referenced his own review. It was listed as Roy Harris 
I met and dealt with Roy several times. You know how it is meeting most audiophiles in person...

Obviously intelligent with a keen sense of his own (admittedly biased) taste. Almost embarrassingly (imagine Woody Allen, and you're a lot closer than you'd guess) stereotypical NY neurotic. He took a stand in clearly knowing what he liked and what he disliked, which I greatly admire. But a nice / good guy. I like him, and hope he is OK.
Hello all,

I'm a longtime member and lurker of Audiogon and only recently started joining in and posting on these threads.

I remember from several yrs back he definitely knew what he liked and didn't like that's for sure but he had quite a sense of humor as well.Always made me laugh.

I hope he is doing ok as well.